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ParaOlympics – A Controversy – Coverage on TV

ParaOlympics – A Controversy – Coverage on TV

There is great to do in Vancouver regarding the ParaOlympics. As you know, the 2010 Olympics – the first part – was tremendously successful and drew the largest crowds ever for the Olympics. People were looking forward to the ParaOlympics.

The night of the opening ceremonies for the ParaOlympics – no tv listings!!!??? At the last minute, an announcement was made that the opening ceremonies would be televised by CTV but only in British Columbia.

wouldn’t cover it all in the US.

So here we have the Chairman of the Olympic Committee, Mr. Rogge, Canada’s Governor General, the Prime Minister of Canada and the Premier of the Province and a sold out event – but no coverage by CTV!

I went to the CTV website which covered the Olympics and, yes, they had included the ParaOlympics as part of the Olympics for 2010 – but some bone head executives made a decision not to air them!!! So how did CTV get the rights to cover the Olympics in the first place if they the ParaOlympics were not to be televised? After all, it’s part of the Olympics!

How does that respect all these amazing athletes who came from all over the world to compete including the US and other parts of Canada? What does that say about our society – if you have a disability – you’re not equal? Yet, imagine having a physical disability and rising above it to , curl, play hockey – imagine the effort that takes! And these big corporations don’t see these efforts as worthy of telecasting! Unbelievable!! Where is the “community spirit”?

I say shame on them – where is the “Believe” motto come into it! Obviously, they only believe in the efforts of some of the athletes, but not all of the athletes who partake in the Olympics. Why is that? What do you call that? Inequality? or worse?

It’s very sad that, in 2010, corporations still live in the dark ages! I understand completely that corporations have to make money but I also understand that corporations talk about “community support” too as part of their marketing strategies – this would have been a good one to include in your marketing budgets CTV and NBC!!! I’m sure a lot of companies would have been very happy to advertise during the ParaOlympics – talk about “feel good dividends” – inspiration, dedication, performance!

Please help spread the protest all over the world – let’s get these corporate giants to get “with the program”, to wake up, and give support to all athletes – if you could see these ParaOlympic athletes in action, you’d be amazed!

And, yes, because I live in British Columbia, I did happen to see the opening ceremonies – they were better than the opening ceremonies for the “other” Olympics two weeks earlier!!! I was in awe of these athletes and what they have accomplished! We could all learn a lot from these people!

PS I don’t know any of the athletes in the ParaOlympics personally nor am I involved in ParaOlympics in any other way – I’m a citizen who likes to see everyone treated the same and fairly – if you’re an Olympian, you’re an Olympian and all Olympians should be treated equally. No effort is less worthy than another.