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Online Casino Keno Multiple Tickets

Online Casino Keno Multiple Tickets

One of the disadvantages of online keno is that players cannot play with multiple tickets as they can do in brick and mortar keno games. In land based keno games players can buy as many tickets as they want for the next game and play all those tickets simultaneously. However this is not possible in online keno. There is only one matrix of eighty numbers on display on which players can mark their chosen numbers. The called numbers are also marked on this matrix later. One set of called numbers can be matched against only one set of marked numbers.

Now Win A Day online casino has removed this limitation in its recently released keno game. Players can play multiple tickets, up to 7, at a time. In order to achieve this, the display mechanics have had to be changed. The large central matrix of 80 numbers is used only to display the called numbers and not to mark the selected numbers. There are seven tickets on the left hand side of this central display. Each ticket contains the 80 numbers. The tickets become so small that the numbers are barely readable and hence these tickets cannot be directly used for marking.

Therefore an indirect marking mechanism is chosen. There is a larger matrix of 80 numbers below the central matrix, for the sake of convenience being called bottom buy anxiety pills matrix, and this is used for marking the tickets. First the Ticket 1 is selected by clicking on it. The required numbers are clicked on the bottom matrix and are automatically marked on Ticket 1. Then Ticket 2 is selected. The bottom matrix is automatically cleared and can be used for marking the numbers on Ticket 2. Following this procedure up to 7 tickets can be marked. There is a Quick Pick button that can randomly mark 15 numbers on a selected ticket. When players move the cursor over a ticket the marked numbers are displayed in the bottom matrix and this enables players to check the tickets before starting the balls.

When the Play button is clicked, the 20 called numbers are displayed on the central matrix. Each ticket is independently matched against the called numbers and evaluated against the payout table. The number of matches and the amount won are displayed on each ticket.

This variant allows different numbers to be marked on each ticket. It also allows different number of numbers to be marked on each ticket. For example in Ticket 1 the player can mark 15 numbers, in Ticket 2 he can mark 10 numbers and in Ticket three he can mark 5 numbers. Therefore each ticket will be played against a different payout table. As each ticket is highlighted, the payout table for that ticket is displayed in the payout table column.

Many online keno games offer an auto play feature in which a player can repeat a number of games. The player uses the same ticket against different called numbers in each game and hence these keno games are not multiple tickets games. The variant at Win A Day online casino allows players to play different tickets simultaneously against the same called numbers and is a true multiple tickets game.