Winter Camping Tours

Winter Camping Tours

Camping refers to an outdoor leisure activity i.e. staying outdoors and enjoying. The people who participate in such activities are called campers. The campers may camp near to home or they may travel to far off places and camp at a particular place. Generally the camping sites are situated far away from human civilization and much closer to the gifts of Mother Nature.

The campers construct a temporary shelter known as tent in which they reside during the night. In some instances, people do not construct such tent and sleep openly in their sleeping bags. Camping is mostly reckoned to be the activity of the young & the strong but there are some types of camping, which can be undertaken by old people too. Some of the most common type of camping’s are family camping, wild camping, winter camping and many more. Let’s throw some more light on the term winter camping.

Winter camping is one of the toughest types of camping but at the same time it is the most adventurous and exciting one. Winter camping is only meant for young people, who are full of adventures and have a strong determination. Winter camping is much enjoyable and comfortable as compared to the summer camping. Winter camping can be done anywhere outdoors, but it is mainly linked with camping on high altitudes. Camping on high altitudes is not an easy task and thus requires a lot of planning & preparation.

Camping gears
Before going on any such winter camp, always prepare beforehand. The most important thing is the tent as one has to spend most of the time within it. The tent should be large enough to hold an individual and should be strong enough so as to bear the winter winds, which blow very strongly. The tents should be made of nylon and the frame should be of aluminum. One should also carry an air mattress, which is self-inflating.

One should be fully clothed so as to avoid the rough winter condition. One should always dress in layers as it maintains the body temperature and moisture. The three type layering is the most preferred by people, while going on winter camping tours.

    • Hat-

A wool hat is a must, while going on a winter camping tour. This hat prevents the loose of heat from the head.

    • Trousers-

One should wear a Snowmobile mitten and on top of it wear a woolen pant and on that an air-proof pants.

    • Long hand cuffs-

This keeps the hands much warmer as compared to gloves.

  • Boots-

One should go for a snow boots, which are very warm.

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